Our vision is to see God's Kingdom advance through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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At Capshaw we’re a church that is learning to rest in Jesus. We haven’t arrived but we are striving to depend more on his power and his grace, and less on our own strength. Though we are broken people, the good news is that Jesus came to rescue us from our brokenness and bring us into true life with God. This good news (or “gospel”) isn’t just for someday in the future; it completely transforms our everyday life here and now. All of life is richer as we increasingly see and rest in the power of the gospel.

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14944 Dupree Worthey Road, Harvest, AL

We meet every Sunday in-person and online. There is no dress code, come just as you are. Most people wear jeans and a button-up, but you will still find the occasional coat and tie. Come in what makes you comfortable. We'd love to get to know you. Join us for our next gathering.

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10:45 AM

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"The gospel is not the announcement that if we do certain things we will be loved, accepted, received and forgiven by God. That's actually bad news (because we could never do enough to earn the favor of a holy God). The gospel is the good news that because of what Jesus has done we are loved, accepted, received, and forgiven by faith alone."
John Sloan, Senior Pastor

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