Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to see God’s Kingdom advance through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We exist to treasure Jesus, become like him together and share his gospel.


Gospel: We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all we do; we will never assume it among ourselves or in the community in which we live.


Bible: We regard the Bible as the very word of God, the story of God’s relentless grace toward unworthy sinners; we will submit to it, allowing it to conform and equip Christ’s church.


Worship: We understand worship to be more than just music on Sunday morning but instead the offering of our entire lives to God who is worthy of all we are and possess.


Community: We see ourselves as members of a family of faith, mutually belonging to one another as servants of all and fellow laborers for the gospel.


Generosity: We recognize the lavish gift we have received in Christ and therefore we gladly give of not just our financial resources but our time, energy and gifts.


Prayer: Out of our desperation, we will delight in the privilege of going to the Creator of the universe not as strangers but as beloved sons and daughters.


Service: As those who have been served and gifted by Christ himself, we will use our gifts to build up the body, assist those in need and further his Kingdom.


Unity: We will passionately pursue the bonds of love and peace as a diverse body of believers under the headship of Christ; rejecting pride and guarding ourselves from discord and division.