Chris Moncrief


Chris is originally from Macon, Ga. The son of two school teachers, he accepted Christ as a child and was baptized at Highland Hills Baptist Church, where he was a member for 25 years. He first sang in church as a toddler, and was a member of numerous choirs and ensembles.

In his teens he began to study Classical Guitar. After a seminar performance in Milledgeville, Ga he was offered a music scholarship to Georgia College. Upon majoring in Classical Guitar Performance at Georgia College and State University, he began teaching music and touring with a secular rock band throughout the Southeast. It was around this time that he met his amazing wife Amy. The two were married, and two years later celebrated their first child Bo. Four years later, God blessed them with a daughter, Raven.

With his family now complete, Chris took a more “stable” position teaching Music and coaching at a small Christian School in Savannah, Ga. It was during this three year employ that Chris began to feel a strong call to Worship Ministry. Then in his early 30’s, He and his family stepped out in faith and Chris accepted a Worship Leader/Youth Director Position at a Baptist church.

In 2013 Chris and Amy began to feel the Lord stirring them as though a new season was coming. Later that year, after much prayer and fasting, Chris became the Worship Leader at Capshaw Baptist Church and moved his family to north Alabama. In 2017, he was ordained Worship Pastor, and in August of 2018 he celebrated 5 years at Capshaw.

Chris’ passions include the true gospel of Jesus Christ, his wife, his children, his family, and his church (in that order). Chris loves people, strives for unity, and enjoys collaboration within the body. He is especially drawn to the lost: “those who are anti-Christian and militant unbelievers”.

Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (especially sharing this love with my children)

For Fun: Anything with my wife.

Favorite Books: the genre of Apologetics

Secret Shame: I have a soft spot for ‘80s Hair Bands.

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